Immutable Laws

I think it's important for any business to explain what it stands for.

I believe this is helpful, for customers, suppliers, staff and in fact anyone we come into contact with.

Immutable means unchanging and these are what you should expect from us.


unchanging through time; unalterable; ageless: immutable laws
Derived Forms
immutability, immutableness, noun
immutably, adverb

Chocolate Cafe Immutable Laws

  • We stand and fall on our customer service. This means if you are not completely happy we will refund you.
  • We aim to push the limits of what's possible. We believe in challenging industry norms and aim to create something that people will want to seek out.
  • We are impeccable with our word. This applies to customers, to staff and to suppliers. If we say we are going to do something, it will happen.
  • My staff are my family, and will always be looked after.
  • We  see ourselves as integral to the community in which we operate. That means we will do all we can to support the community of customers, other local businesses and suppliers.