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George Michael Birthday Celebrations 24th June 2018


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Hosted by The Village – Chocolate Cafe

Only a couple of weeks ago the housekeeper for George Michael, a regular customer at The Village – Chocolate Cafe in Goring, asked us specifically to be the ones to run the bar and BBQ for that day. So, for the past week I have been planning on feeding and watering approx 1200 people, who are expected to descend upon Goring.

Christian, our in-house chef has been busy making 800 homemade burgers. And I could never have done it without the expertise of Kali Connery, who at the age of 17 ran the outside terrace of The Angel on the Bridge during regatta. So, we will be serving Pimm’s with fresh mint Lime and Strawberries, Prosecco, Peroni and Cider.

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The Chocolate Cafe couldn’t do it alone, we have had to order in vast quantities of stock and with the cafe being bijou we have had to ask permission to use the village hall, Nigel our fab village butcher has been asked to store our ice, special thanks to Bidfood our suppliers for helping assist with the quantities. And Mark at the Angel on the Bridge in Henley for lending us his regatta BBQ.

45 cases Prosecco and 24 cases of Peroni amongst other items arrive on Friday and the organisation begins.

You will find a crew of us in The Rectory Gardens from midday on 24th June running the BBQ and bar whilst the Village Cafe at the arcade plays George Michael’s most popular songs whilst serving breakfast from 9am, lunch, afternoon tea and cakes.

Also, on Facebook; George Michael Birthday Celebrations

Hope to see you there for a fab day out in Goring, celebrating the life and music of George Michael.

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Steve’s wife seems to understand him! Apart from his natural inclination to look deep into the way the world works. Steve enjoys playing and improving his tennis. He claims it’s the only way to really relax and de-stress. Oh, and he has a couple of children.

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