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Mothering Sunday – Pottery Painting Something Special Just for Mum


The most popular items tend to be Plates and Mugs as a person can use them and give them as presents.

There is a quick turnaround time for pottery and it is usually 2 day. The pottery takes 24 hours to fire and cool down in the kiln. We would aim to have the pottery back to the customer within 2 days from painting for special occasions.

The paint used is completely child safe and stain free, and as we use Bisque Ware the paint dries really fast although the more layers you apply the longer it will take to dry.

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Dates:Thursday 1st March from 2pm-5pm
Sunday 4th March 1:30pm - 4:30pm

Paint an item for mum in time for Mothering Sunday, mug, vase, plates £15 includes drink & cake.

To Book, please call, email or use our form on the contact us page

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