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Since taking over the Village Café in 2015 Jeanne from Inspirations and I have been working closely together combining her love for arts and crafts and my love for hot chocolates and food !!!

Jeanne has owned Inspirations for 12years now and has always been artistic, even as a child she enjoyed being creative. Jeanne particularly loves Pottery painting as not only it stimulates the imagination but also at the end you have a functional item that you can use.

Her passion has always been for the love of arts and crafts on leaving school she studied Industrial design and went on to work in advertising and media.

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Jeanne was born in Queenstown South Africa a very small rural town in the Drakensberg and came to the UK to work and travel after my studies in 2000 which is when she met Kevin her Husband.

Jeanne came to Goring in 2005 and not only fell in love with this very picturesque village on the River Thames but also I felt her shop and arts could make a real contribution to the community, also reminding her very much of her hometown.

Event Date: Thursday 8th February - From 2:00pm to 5:00pm
Price: Only £10.00