Beast from the East Hits Goring

Walkers Bring Sunshine

In stark contrast from the day before. The icy grip of the so-called Beast from the East returned to us again on the 17th & 18th of March. More snow, wind and punishingly cold temperatures saw temperatures plummet around Goring to -4C and -15C in other parts of the UK.

You could be forgiven for thinking that this is the coldest winter on record. However, the winter of 2017-18 is actually relatively mild compared to some that have come before.

So which winter holds the distinction of “coldest on record”?

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By monthly mean temperatures, December 2010 holds the record for the coldest December since Met Office records began in 1910, at -0.7°C. I remember taking my van out and getting stuck on the A404.

Snowman Wants a Hot Chocolate

Does this Snowman Want a Hot Chocolate?

But according to the Central England Temperature (CET), a record of monthly mean temperatures dating back to 1659, December 1890 was marginally colder, with a mean of -0.8°C.

However If judged by the mean temperature for an entire winter (December, January and February), the coldest-ever season title belongs to the winter of 1962-63, when a freak cold snap brought much of the country snow for 67 consecutive days up until early March. Temperatures fell as low as -19.4°C in parts of northern Scotland.

However, there are two winters that reportedly break even that record, according to CET measurements: 1683-84, followed by the marginally less chilly 1739-40.

So with the snow, our Village Chocolate café found lots new customers who passing with sledges or just on a walk popped in for breakfasts and hot chocolates.