Chocolate Cafe Goring Launches VIP Offer

Goring VIP List

Chocolate Café Goring launches its new website and VIP Programme and loyalty card.

From the website, you can view our menus, book and reserve tables and leave us testimonials

Our VIP list is for people who would like to have an inside track to our latest deals (including a special 25% discount from our experience range of offers). You will also be the first to hear about events and the occasional VIP only invites. Signing up is really easy. Click this link below and you will receive firstly a welcome email with a link to confirm being part of the VIP Programme.

Chocolate Tasting Experience For Two Sign Up For Coupon

Get 25% Discount

Our Very Popular Groupon Offer is Now Available Direct from Your Very Own Goring Chocolate Cafe

VIP List
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